Looking for something a little more remote but has all the comforts of a lodge? Take Lodge near Juneau is a great option for any Alaska destination wedding. We’ve been out here a few times, and the food is always good, the grounds are beautiful, and as you can see below, you might get a special visitor! This cinnamon black bear came wandering onto the lodge property right after the ceremony. We all kept a safe distance and got some great photos of the bear checking the place out. The lodge staff had named the bear and it was a pretty frequent visitor, apparently. The bride and groom and their family had quite a wedding day. A flight-seeing trip en-route, followed by a beautiful ceremony in front of the glacier, then the bear, then a great dinner, and finally another scenic flight back! We love visiting Juneau and almost always work with Alaska Weddings – a local planning and officiating service that has A+ service.