Walkabout: Denali

Getting married around Denali?

There are so many great spots around the Denali area! You can even drive to mile 20 of the park road, and do photos along the way for free. You could see bears, moose, lynx, or even humans on this stretch of road. There are also a bunch of mountains and plenty of alder bushes and spruce trees to look at. If you’re getting married around Denali, be sure to plan some time to explore!

Travel Tips for the Denali area:

Denali is amazing, but you won’t see the mountain from anywhere near where you’re getting married, so don’t expect that. In order to see the mountain, you need to be further south closer to Talkeetna. But, there’s still amazing scenery to be found all over this area, so you won’t be dissapointed.