On Thursday, 10-11-12, Maddy & Cody were married at a private beachfront residence along Anini Beach, on the island of Kauai, HI. There was a good turnout of about 40 guests or so, with a lot of Alaskan’s in attendance, which made for a fun crowd. Before the ceremony, Maddy gave me over an hour to do some photos of just her – so we drove down the road and hit up a few spots along the beach. Then we made our way back to the house for the ceremony and reception, where there was a lot of dancing and good food to be had. The music was loud enough to disturb someone in the campground next door, and after some heated debate over the legality of playing music at 8:30pm, the DJ politely defused the situation and got the guy to leave without being too upset, and kept the party going.. Very cool DJ and easy to work with – Kustom Sounds Kauai. Because we didn’t have much time for bride and groom stuff on the day of the wedding, we met up the next day and spent a good 3 hours all over the north shore hitting up some of my favorite secret spots. Below you’ll find a nice sampling of the goods..enjoy!