Hawaii 2.0! Another group of Alaskan’s decided the middle of October would be a good time to escape and get married in Hawaii. Technically, Sarah and Seth live in Washington, but they’re both from Alaska originally and there were a lot of Alaskan’s in attendance. Also a lot of Pacific Northwest-folk. Before the ceremony, we had a few hours to go explore and find places to shoot. I did some homework and found some great spots that covered a wide variety of Maui scenes; rocky coast, lava field, flowers, rock wall, etc.. it was good stuff. La Perouse Bay was especially nice and pretty quiet. Their ceremony and reception was held at the Wailea Blue Gold Course, a beautiful place on the south side of the island with great views. Dinner was really yummy – the fish tacos were especially good and I heard a number of people discussing their greatness. The lighting in Hawaii is always so good.. even in the middle of the day you can make it look easy. I tried bottling some of it up and hope to bring some back for the next round of Alaskan winter weddings. Stay tuned for those, we’ve got a few coming up!