Getting married on O’ahu?

The easiest and often least expensive flight to Hawaii brings you to Honolulu – the bustling, city on the ocean known worldwide for years for it’s sun, beaches, food scene, and luxury hotels. There’s a lot to offer here if you like things a little faster paced, but you can even manage to slow it down too if you prefer that style. Come enjoy some fun in the sun, and get married there too! This will make the wedding a trip for everyone! In the long run, these trips can be cheaper than a traditional wedding because fewer people will go and that lowers the cost. We love mixing up our style and going for the island look but maintaining the use of light and composition we are known for.

Travel Tips for O’ahu:

There’s so much information about each island, it’s hard to list it all. If you end up choosing us to photograph your wedding on one of the Hawaiian Islands, we are happy to help you plan some of the details – we have an outsiders knowledge of each island that sometimes surpasses that of the locals, which is hard to believe but sometimes true.