Chena Hot Springs

Getting married at Chena Hot Springs?

One of the most unique places we’ve ever photographed! The Chena Ice Hotel is pretty unique – made entirely of ice. Bright and colorful lights illuminate the scene making for some fun photos. It’s actually not as cold inside as outside – so having the ceremony in here in the winter isn’t a bad idea. Have your reception inside the lodge and take the whole crew to the Hot Springs at the end of the night for a warm-up!

Travel Tips for Chena Hot Springs:

It’s a long drive from Fairbanks – especially in winter. Take your time, and don’t slide off the icy road. Max speeds in some areas will be 20-30mph if very icy. In summer it’s a beautiful and easy drive – the road was recently repaved for a long stretch. There are a few public use cabins along the road that are worth checking out if you’re into easy-camping.