Forget Me Not Nursery

Getting married at Forget Me Not Nursery?

We list this as a Girdwood location, but it’s actually in Indian, which is between Girdwood and Anchorage. Just recently added to the list of available venues in the Anchorage area in recent years, this little gem is becoming more and more known amongst those who know, or at least those who know about our website and have done their homework. The owners are a really nice family that are there to make sure your day is great, and the venue is really cool – We have only done a few weddings here, but are super excited to do more! Check this place out and give it a shot, you will be happy you did!

Travel Tips for Forget Me Not Nursery:

You have probably driven past this place hundreds of times and never knew it existed, nestled quietly into the trees a half mile or so off the Seward highway in the Indian Valley. Turn left as if you were going to Indian Valley Meats, then look for a little driveway on the right and you’ll see a narrow entrance that unfolds into a bigger property.