Glacier Helicopter Weddings

The ultimate Alaska wedding experience! Hop aboard a helicopter and be whisked away to a deep blue glacial pool, surrounded by towering blocks of ice hundreds of feet high. You will feel the cool down-glacier winds as soon you exit the helicopter, and realize you’ve never seen anything like this in your life. It really is spectacular, and there is no way these photos do the experience justice. We’ll just help you remember it better. These Alaska glacier weddings and elopements are truly unique – we promise you’ll have a hard time finding anything like this in the lower 48! When planning a destination wedding in Alaska, if your group is small, this should be at the top of your list. The companies we work with are top notch – safety is an obsession for them and that is why we choose to partner with them. We are happy to help you with the logistics of setting this up, and make suggestions on where to go for the perfect ceremony and photo spot. No two glaciers are the same, and we have many to choose from. We can help you pick a spot that fits your exact preferences, weather permitting of course. In addition to the glacier landing, we may also stop at a mountaintop ridge or flowery meadow on our way back. You’ll see some of those photos mixed in below. We love to combine these spots as a supplement to a Rainforest and Waterfall Wedding or our Rocky Coastal Oceanside Weddings. It really is possible to do all of them in one day! Imagine combining glaciers, mountains, waterfalls, oceans, whales, rainforests, all in one day! It’s possible – check out our Destination Wedding Portfolios for examples!