Wow! We are just about to book our 1000th wedding and we’re ready to celebrate! We started in 2006 and have worked with so many great people! We are so honored to have shot so many couple’s over the years that we are going to shoot the 1000th for FREE! We’re also going to be giving away lots of other discounts!! If you are thinking of booking, now is the time!!! There are no strings attached!! So, here’s how it works…

We’re only FIVE weddings away from being at 1000. The next 5 people to book will get the discounts outlined below. Whomever is booking #1000 will get their package for FREE!!!! No strings attached!! The next 5 people after 1000 who book will also receive the discounts outlined below. We will announce the winners and their prizes after we reach 1005 and have confirmed all the bookings. This might take a few weeks so be patient!

995: $250 print credit
996: $250 print credit
997: 10% off your total package price
998: 15% off your total package price
999: 20% off your total package price
1000: FREE!!!
1001-1005 $250 print credit.

Here’s the fine print:
-You must send in a real booking, meaning you really do want us to shoot your wedding, and you’ve sent us a signed contract and your deposit.
-We will announce the winners and their prizes after we’ve received all signed contracts and deposits. Please note that deposits are non-refundable. We do not want people booking us, just in hopes of getting a free wedding but canceling if they don’t win.
-Whichever package the winner’s choose will be discounted, even if it’s our largest package.
-“Print credit” means standard prints. Canvasses, acrylics, metal prints, and albums are excluded.
-You will need to contact us to check availability before saving the date. You can reach us at 907-301-9400, or e-mail info@chugachpeaks.com
Or, fill out our “Check Availability” form here: http://chugachpeaks.com/contact/

We don’t know if we’ll receive 10 bookings in 2 days, or if it will be spread out over a week, so if you’re thinking of booking, there will be no way to know whether you’ve won until everyone’s contracts are received. It’s also possible we’ll book more than 10 weddings before we make our winner’s announcement, in which case there will be no discounts applied after the first 10 bookings. But if you’re thinking of booking us, now is the time! There’s a pretty good chance you’ll get something 🙂

We will post a list of the winners as soon as we can! Good luck!