Photographer: Heather Thamm

Photographer Heather Thamm was born and raised in northern Idaho amongst a family full of artists. She spent her toddler years pounding on the door of her mother’s closet darkroom, and received her first lessons in composition from her father, a portrait painter. More interested in sports than art, Heather claims she accidentally fell in love with photography after getting hired as a golf course photographer in high school. “I became obsessed with how the camera works and signed up for every photography class I could throughout college.” After years of shooting film she eventually attended the Rocky Mountain School of Photography where she submerged herself in the digital world. Today Heather lives in Girdwood and enjoys a variety of photographic interests including adventure sports, people, and landscapes. Alaskan weddings have proven to be the ultimate photographic experience for Heather. “I love working with people, especially surrounded by all of the amazing landscapes in Alaska.”