Photographer: Lena Lee

Photographer Lena Lee (formerly Stevens) received a bachelors degree in fine art photography in Virginia before moving to Alaska. From an early age, she travelled the world with her parents taking photos as soon as she was old enough to use a camera. Born in Germany but raised in the farmland of Mississippi, Lena utilizes all she has learned in her travels to bring a refreshing and fun creative twist to Alaska wedding photography. Lena has always had a special place in her heart for mountains. After spending the summer working at a wilderness lodge, she knew Alaska is where she wanted to call home. She is inspired by the environment, the culture, and the smiling faces of everyone who ever comes to visit or lives in Alaska. When it comes to your wedding day, Lena loves to capture all those special, unique moments that occur, from hugging your father to the whispered endearments of the bride and groom to the goofy, laughing moments of all your guests. Her style is light and colorful with an original vision. When she’s not photographing weddings, she enjoys hiking, skiing, and kayaking. In 2016 she also finished up her pilot’s license!