Rainforest and Waterfall Weddings

The northernmost temperate rainforest in North America can be found just south of Anchorage in Girdwood, along the edge of the Turnagain Arm, a branch of the Pacific Ocean. This area is lush with wildflower meadows, mossy sitka spruce trees, and giant prehistoric-looking ferns. With rain comes waterfalls! And there are a few of them in this area. We’ll take you to our favorites where you can choose to have a ceremony, or just do some photos after getting married at another location nearby. Don’t worry, despite being a rainforest, most of the precipitation falls in the fall and winter. May-August are generally drier. If it does rain though, we’ll embrace the rain and put on our boots and keep rolling! We love to combine these spots as a supplement to a Glacier Helicopter Wedding, or our Rocky Coastal Oceanside Weddings. It really is possible to do all of them in one day! Imagine combining glaciers, mountains, waterfalls, oceans, whales, rainforests, all in one day! It’s possible – check out our Destination Wedding Portfolios for examples!