Zookbinders Wedding Album Information

Below you will find a variety of images showcasing the different features and options of our Zookbinders “Lustre Book” line of Albums. These example photos are from the album manufacturer. All work represented below is from other photographers – except the glacier album cover, which is ours 🙂

Zookbinders - Lustre Book


The contemporary look – Square cut, white book blocks, and dozens of cover combinations makes Lustre Book a versatile choice. This flush mount wedding album is printed on professional photo paper which is coated for protection. Available in two page thicknesses. See photos below for a variety of configurations.

Want to see what the inside design looks like? Here are a few examples from Alaska Weddings (Note that the files in the sample designs are lower resolution – this does not reflect the actual quality of the album images)…

“Simple” Wedding Album Design (shown with white pages, black available)

“Classic” Wedding Album Design (shown with black pages, white available)

“Contempo” Wedding Album Design

Cover Types

Choose from four different High Quality Wedding Album cover types.


For Lustre Books with either a wraparound cover or a photo cover with a leather spine, choose between a Gloss or Matte laminate cover finish.

Zookbinders - Laminate Finishes

Page Thickness Choices

Lustre Book is available in standard or thick pages. Standard pages are approximately 1/32” thick or about as thick as a dime. Thick pages are twice as thick or about at thick as a nickel.


Leather and Fabric Options

Choose between leather and fabric, with 4 different leather types and 37 different colors!

Zookbinders - Glove Leather, Standard Leather, Distressed Leather, and Japanese Silk Fabric cover options

Imprinting Options

Choose modern or italic font styles for name/date imprinting or add an old world monogram as a title. Cover stamping can be branded or foil stamped in black, gold or silver.